Anajet Mpower - Obstruction Sensor Triggered


Remove everything on the Print Table, and send a short print job from the computer. When the Print Ready LED lights up, press the <PRINT> button. If the Obstruction Sensor is triggered immediately, the Obstruction Sensor may be faulty or the Print Table may be set too high. Try one or more of the following solutions.

Adjust the Print Table height to the correct level. The Print Table height is adjustable up to 3 inches. The proper height should be set depending on the thickness of the garment or substrate being printed on. Proper Print Table height adjustment is very important. If the garments surface is too far from the Print Head Nozzle Plate, the print quality will be fuzzy and ink over-spray may be visible. If it is too close to the Nozzle Plate, an obstruction error may occur or worse the garment could scratch and damage the Print Head Nozzle Plate coating.

The optimal distance between the lowest point of the Print Head Nozzle Plate and the top surface of a loaded garment is in the range of .06-.12 inches (1.5-3 mm).

Print Table height is adjusted automatically by pressing the <Anajet> button on the LCD screen followed by the <MAINTENANCE> button, and then press the Auto Adjust Height button. First place the material to be printed on the print table, use of the table hoop is recommended.

Pressing the Auto Adjust Height button, the table will drop down and move forward into the printer. Please select the desired area where the graphic will print to adjust the table height, top portion, halfway, bottom portion or full table (solid red). When it has moved in to the desired location, the table will raise up which triggers the height adjustment laser sensor and then back down to the correct height. If you are doing a run of the same type garments it is not necessary to repeat the height adjustment for each garment.

You can also manually adjust the table height by turning the height adjustment knob located under the front edge of the print table.

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