Anajet Mpower - Cap Head Delay


You can also control how long the printer will go before the maintenance station engages to seal off the print heads. The default for this setting is two minutes. The maintenance station seals off the print heads when the printer is idle; this keeps air from drying out the ink in your print head nozzles.

However, the process of the maintenance station rising to seal off the heads takes a few seconds and it is not necessary to seal off the head in between every print. By default the Cap Head Delay is set to two minutes. That means that the maintenance station will automatically engage to seal off the print heads two minutes after a shirt is printed. If another shirt is printed within those two minutes the maintenance station will stay down to save time and speed up production.

You can use the arrow keys to shorten or lengthen the amount of time the maintenance station will stay down before engaging to seal off the heads. The longest you can set the Cap Head Delay is 15 minutes as we would not recommend the print- head going unsealed for any longer.

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