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The Neoflex is the only printer on the market that converts between a textile and solvent printer and back again in a matter of minutes. This 2-minute switch gives you flexibility in the market and offers the ability to diversify the level of products you can offer to your customers. The NeoFlex was designed to grow with your business, providing you with an easy transition to test out the substrate market for just a small investment.


Specifications(in inches)
Height: 47.1"
Width: 32.4"
Depth: 78.9"
Weight (w/stand): 275 lbs.
Suggested Footprint (roll to roll): 32.4x78.9
Country of Manufacture: Japan/USA
Supported Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Computer Interface: USB

Print Width/Print Dimensions
Max Print Width: 17"
Max Print Length: 42"
Max Platen Adjustment: 3"
Adjustment Method: Automatic

Number of Colors
Number of Colors Supported: CMYKWWWW
Supports 4 Colors: Yes
Supports White: Yes

Printing Resolutions
Resolution Mode: Number Passes:
High Production (1440x720 W; 720x360 CMYK)
Production (1440x720 W; 720x720 CMYK)
Quality (1440x1440 W; 720x720 CMYK)
High Quality (1440x1440 W; 1440x720 CMYK)

Max Printing Resolutions
Max Resolution Length: Max Resolution Width:
1440 1440

Activities for Standard Routine Maintenance
Time to Perform
Clean wiper blade and capping station Daily <5 min.
Check ink lines for inconsistencies Daily < 5 min.
Nozzle check Daily <5 min.
Clean encoder strip Weekly <5 min.
Flush capping station Weekly <15 min.
Empty and reset maintenance tank Weekly <5 min.
Clean and grease drive screw transport rails Monthly <10 min.
Clean print carriage rails Monthly <5 min.

Color Gamut

Service/Warranty Package
A 2-year warranty is included with the purchase price.

Description of Training & Services Structure
Training is included in the MSRP list price.

RIP Availability
NeoRIP is included with the purchase price.

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